Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Scrapbooking and alcohol....

lol. Fun mix!!! Went to Cherie's for a Halloween Scrap party on Saturday....was soooo much fun! We got pretty wasted, played round the robin and i was able to get two layouts done. I did end up cutting one of my photos in half while trying to trim another one on the same sheet....was NOT happy about that....especially since my printer is out of ink and cant print another one. Looking back i probably should have trimmed all my photos before i started drinking lol. But all in all i had a great time...i love when im able to get together with my friends and scrap. Here are the pages i did. I may add to them later...

Friday, October 24, 2008

Yay! Its Friday!!!

Hey everyone! I know i haven't updated in a while...{sorry Alessandra ;)} lol. Ive been a bit busy...and somewhat lazy to be honest. But its 12:45 in the morning and i cant sleep so here i am. I apologize ahead of time if i start rambling nonsense. lol.

I did want to thank everyone who supported me and bought my Halloween mini book kit! I had sooo much fun making them. i still have one more to sell, so if you want to snag it, it's still at the store. I hope to teach a Fall themed mini next month, if the store is booked by the time i get around to making something i plan on setting up an Etsy account and will sell kits there.

On another note, i wanted to say that the Bus Tour with Ever After was AMAZING!! I went with Jenn and Jackie, (we work together at CSS). We had sooo much fun! They really did an awesome job of planning. My favorite store we went to was The Red Bee. It was so huge! And they hosted a really cool make'n take. I definitely have to take a trip up there again! Anyhoo...after the tour we went back to Jenn's house to scrap...i got a couple Layouts done...
Im going to Cheries house tomorrow after work for a halloween Scrap party! Sooo excited! Hope to get some more pages done then. Have a great weekend! ♥gen

Friday, October 3, 2008

Hoooo's my lil Pumpkin...

Wills new Halloween Outfit...couldnt find a costume that fit so just decided to get him this...dont you just love the owl beanie!! lol. Sooo cute!

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