Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wow! I had an amazing Thanksgiving!! The food was incredible (thanks mom) and the company even better. I love this time of year when everyone gets together. I am incredibly thankful for the beautiful family i have.
Other that gorging myself with
Turkey and Green Been Casserole...ive also been busy gathering for my December Daily...Im so excited that im actually going to do it this year. Its nice having more time to be with the ones i love and do the things that make me happy. It feels good not having the life sucked out of me by dramatic, insecure, paranoid crazy people! lol. Say that three time fast!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Misting Magic...

I will be teaching a Glimmer Mist class at Yellow Bird tonight...Im also holding the class December 17th. Its more of a technique class but you will be going home with this Christmas sign and 4 tags showing the different things you can do with it. Im pretty excited...I have completely fallen in love with GM...its so versatile...i like to dabble in different scrapbooking styles and it works with all of them!
Ok well Id better get to makin those kits!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Catch up...

Haven't had much time to post (wont be having that problem anymore ;P lol) lets play catch up! October was an eventful month...we went to Lindo Lake ...

and the Pumpkin patch...we went with my mom and sis...sooo much fun!

William spooning pumpkin guts :P Halloween. Stuart and William were pirates. Wesley was a transformer.
October was a fun for November...Im going to concentrate on crafting! I want to scrap all my recent photos and im thinking about doing a December Daily this year as well. Im also going to try harder to post more often...i know my friends and family would like that. Ok well tomorrow is Stuart and my anniversary so we are going out to dinner tonight...Outback! yum! Hope everyone is having a nice weekend...i know i am!

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