Thursday, September 20, 2007

Im on a roll....

lol. I went to Cherie's last night and got some more scrappin done. Ive really been able to make time for it lately...i usually dont get to scrap as often as id like. I seem to be on a roll! Hehee. This layout is of my mom on the 4th of July....i just think its so cute that she is so enthusiastic about the holidays and always dresses for the occasion :)

This is another Wild Animal Park LO. I just love taking pics of the kids in the petting coral! BTW...sorry about the green pen line across the middle of the pic...Wes got into my scrap stuff when my back was pretty bummed...but im not gonna redo lazy! Anyhoo...hope you like.

*HUGZ* ♥gen

Monday, September 17, 2007

Sand Crabs...

This is a LO i did about a month have to say, its favorite! It just really captures the essence of my guess...if that makes sense. hehee. And i owe it all to my bff Cherie! Yep, for starters she took me and the boys to this amazing, secluded beach in coronado (i think thats where it was). And second.....i decided to visit her @ 'Cool Scrapbook Stuff' (where she works) and she showed me this gorgeous pp by 'My Minds Eye'.....LOVE it!!!! Its the Tres Jolie line. So yeah...thanks Cherie!!! lol. ok well....gotta go do house work and run errands. *HUGZ* ♥gen

Sunday, September 16, 2007

DT Crop...

Tonight was the Design Team crop at Scrappin' Attack...sooo much fun!!! I always have a blast with those girls. lol. My face hurts right now from laughing so much! Hehee...yeah...good times! are the layouts i got done tonight...yeah...very different. Making Memories paper. Totally cute! 8 1/2 X 11!!! I am just in love with this size now! OOH...and i just got a new Quickutz design...the Vines...super cute!!! Ok well, i guess ill be off to bed. *HUGZ* ♥gen

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Wow!!! There's only two spots left laddies!!! My class is filling up fast, so if you planned on signing up, id call the store ASAP to reserve your seat! If you've already signed are the tools youll need to bring... Paper trimmer, scissors and adhesive. And if you have it...sanding tools, ink and a hole punch or cropadile. But if you don't have those, don't worry, ill bring mine and we will just have to share. I know its still early, but just wanna give you guys a heads up while I'm thinking about it. lol. Oh, and don't worry if you didn't get in...I'm pretty sure ill be doing another one soon after. is another little preview from the album. ((If you wanna see the whole thing, stop by Scrappin Attack...Shawni has it displayed)) for tonight, i think ill be working on the kits some more...and if I'm not to tired ill try and scrap!!! ;) x*HUGZ*x ♥gen

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Finally! Some new layouts!!!

So I finally got some scrappin done!!! Ahhhh...feels good. lol. The kiddies are having a sleep over at grandmas, so i was able to stay up all night (its almost 5am and i havnt gone to sleep yet)...*SOOOO TIRED*...Anyhoo, Im starting to experiment in 8 1/2 x 11's....soooo l♥ving it!!!!! I was getting kinda board with the 12x12 so i thought id try something new. I also wanna try 6x12's too! Ive heard of people mix'n matching different size layouts in one album and i just think thats such a cool thats what im gonna do! lol. So the pages i did tonight are of my son Wesley and my brother Andrew. He moved to Redding last month and i was totally missing him so i thought id scrap him! Hehee!!! I just think its so cute when Wes calls him "Unky" Andrew! ...I worked really hard to make these layouts different from all my other i said, i just wanna try new things and continue to develop my style. Hope you guys like. *HUGZ* ♥gen

Thursday, September 6, 2007

I dont wanna say cheese!

lol! I had been in his face, forcing him to smile for the camera for about an hour. He was doing realy well at first...but then he was getting pretty anoyed! Thats when i just had to stop...he wasnt going to cooporate anymore. heehee! ♥U Wes!!! xoxo

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Daisy Bucket "kitty" Challenge

Oh my goodness!!!...i cant believe its three in the morning. lol. I just finished my challenge for Scrappin Attack. I had to use the Daisy Bucket's "Pet Shoppe" collection. (Kitty Paper) I was totally intimidated at first, cuz i dont have a cat...and really wasnt crazy about the paper...but Candace gave me a few pics of her kittens and they really inspired me! Im pretty happy with the way it turned out. Thanks Candace ;)

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Todays Crop

I had so much fun today at MIM. I spent the day with Cherie, mom, Danielle and lil Stu. such a dope! I didnt have any pics with me, so Cherie and mom let me scrap theirs. It was so much fun though!!! I scrapped Cherie and Jeff's 3rd anniversary! It turned out super cute and gave me inspiration for my own anniversary coming up! I also scrapped Andrews grad party for mom...didnt finish it though. Lil Stu was sooooo good! We were there for about six hours and he was a perfect angel. I gave him some paper, stickers, a pen and scissors and just let him go to town. lol. He had a blast! There is another crop next Sunday that Cherie has invited me to....i really hope i can go....but we'll see what Stuart says ;) lol. Night-Night everyone! *HUGZ* ♥gen

Potty training 101

Its day three of Wesley's potty training....he is actually doing quite well. This morning he woke up completely dry! Although he has had a couple accidents today...but its only been three days so i cant get to discouraged. I have to say, Stuart was was much easier! But all kids are different i guess. I'm hoping he will do OK tomorrow. Its daddy's turn! Ill be at a crop all day so he'll have to pick up where i left off. I'm sure he'll do fine♥ I better get off to bed...i have a full day of scrappin to do :) *HUGZ* gen

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